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Team events, new hire onboardings, coffee chats, all on Campfire. No more awkward Zoom calls.


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Campfire updates your team space with new games & activities weekly. You’ll never need to find another app or plan anything - ever!

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Your team's relaxed social space

Give your team the space to unwind and connect- separate from rigid Zoom calls.


Fun & casual activities

We deliver fun and easy-to-play games & activities for teams of 2 to 20+, so you can just relax and connect.


Organic interactions

80% of teams that use Campfire start having spontaneous social hangouts.


Casual and friendly

Separate work chats from social & human interactions by giving your team a more relaxed space to share.

Easy to organize, invite & join.

Organizing an event and inviting is as easy as sharing a link - it’ll work on any browser.


Fun socials every week- on autopilot

Campfire updates your team spaces with new activities weekly. You'll never have to plan anything or find an activity - ever again!

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What our customers say about us on

Adam Saunders

Co-Founder @ PiinPoint

We've been using this for over a month now for Friday hangouts and a short "watercooler" meeting each week. It's been great fun and adds a new dimension to the casual team chats!

Nima Gardideh

Co-Founder @ Pearmill

Campfire is super fun! Having a playground to be in with your co-workers in a remote environment is so much more interesting than Zoom or other tools. Remote cultures are hard to build and I'm grateful people are trying to create tools to help companies transition from offices to global collaboration.
We have 40 people across 10 countries. The culture of work is changing and it's so exciting!

Steven Fitzsimmons

We've been using Campfire for a few months now here at Freshpaint. Our team is fully remote, and we love the change of pace it gives us. the games/activities change weekly, which is great for me as a founder - I don't have to spend as much time planning team building activities

Brad Sickles

Founder @ Nullstone

When I led a team of engineers at  a remote company, we had to work really hard to keep everybody connected. We tried small group coffee/tea hour among many other things, but it was always more  effort than the team members  could handle. This hurt our intro-verted engineers that still wanted  to connect with coworkers.
I've started another company since then and hope to use @Campfire as we grow.

Eiwe Lingefors

Head of Secuirty @ Hotmart

Campfire is the perfect anti-dote to the boring Zoom hangout. If you're feeling a bit burned out by just chilling on zoom with your team or  if your remote-only team socials  just feel like they're a bit lackluster now... Give Campfire a try.All of the activities and games are super accessible for everyone. People who participate don't need to be gamers or have prior expe-rience with games. The Camp-fire team also keeps things fresh with new activities.
Even if you just log on to chill and do a one-on-one it's nice to just be in a different environment than the boring old zoom square and tired default backgrounds!
If you want some spice back in your team, check it out!

Chris Frantz

Campfire is a lot of fun! It is without a doubt the most fun I've ever had on a sales call lol.
Highly recommend checking it out if you have a remote team, beats the heck out of awkward zooms.

Ernesto Reza

Founder, CEO @ Mayan.co

Campfire is awesome! As soon as you step in everything feels more casual and friendly, which is great for team get togethers! I love the functionality of only hearing those that you're sitting with, really gives a cool feel to whole company calls as opposed to a ton of tiny faces on a stale zoom setting.

Max Musing

Founder @ Basedash

Campfire is awesome, we tried it last week at Basedash. Feels like a really strong foundation for being able to integrate games into.
Excited to see what you add next!

Jeff Epstein

CEO @ Onboard.io, Customer onboarding SaaS

Campfire is awesome. Amazing product and an even better team! Keep up the amazing work!

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