Frequently Asked Questions

What is Campfire?

Campfire is your team's informal gathering space. Users can roam around freely, or join breakout rooms to socialize or play games. There are new activities every week, so nobody is forced to do the same thing.

When can I use Campfire?

Campfire is currently available to all eligible customers. Book a demo here to find out more and start using it today!

Who is Campfire for?

Any remote teams that organize team socials or team building activities. You can also use Campfire as your ad-hoc break room.

What team activities are possible in Campfire?

We add new activities to team spaces every week- from board games and trivia to soccer and escape rooms. There are also a variety of different locations for conversations outside of activities.

How many people can use the solution at one time?

Campfire can handle hundreds of concurrent users at any given time. Each breakout activity has different user cap, but there could be many instances of activities running in parallel.